Marble Slabs in Oakville for Comfortably Elegant Kitchens

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The kitchen has always been a gathering place for families with the main focus being on food preparation. As times change, so do the family’s needs.  We live in a time where there is a lot of stress placed on our time, between schools and jobs and extracurricular activities, it seems as though there is never time to relax and unwind. Because of this, families often take advantage of the time they do have, and meet up in the kitchen. As a result, it is vitally important that the kitchen functions well, not only as a meal area, but also a place where the family can be comfortable. Kitchens now are the places where homework is done, meals are prepared and eaten, and families and guests entertained. With the added versatility, it is important for kitchens to be a place of practicality as well as comfort. Marble slabs offer Oakville kitchens the durability, practicality, and comfort the family is looking for in a kitchen finish.

Marble Slabs

Marble slabs provide a look that that is so unique, your Oakville kitchen will never look exactly like that of someone else. Even in the exact kitchen layout, two marble slab countertops will never be exactly alike. This is the beauty of natural stone. Because it is a product of nature, each marble slab has a uniqueness that is unmatched.  The variations in design and range of colour mean that marble slabs will suit any décor.  Marble has an elegance and shine, which make it a stunning product, but its durability still makes it perfect for a food preparation area. Marble stays cool which makes it a perfect surface for rolling dough. A baker’s dream really. Marble slabs have the added advantage of enhancing a home’s resale value. While they are a little more expensive than some other countertop options, and installation will require more care, the return of marble slabs on your investment will far outweigh all the costs, financial or otherwise.

Maintaining Your Investment

With all its beauty and durability, marble slabs still require care, and careful attention to ensure they provide the luster, and beauty of the showroom finish that you were initially drawn in to. Marble is a porous stone, and therefore it can become stained or etched if care isn’t taken to protect it. Harmful things to marble include acidic foods and drinks such as citrus, tomato based food and sauces, vinegar and vinegar based foods, and coffee or wine. This is not a complete list however, and the best rule of thumb when preparing food on your marble countertops is to wipe spills immediately. Sealing your countertops regularly is a recommendation you should take seriously. Sealed marble slabs will provide you with a beautiful addition to your kitchen for many years to come. Sealing marble slabs is as easy as applying a product and wiping it off. Many cleaning products designed for marble also incorporate a sealer in them as well, for added protection between major sealing. Taking proper care of your marble slab investment will guarantee the beauty and durability of your countertops for a lifetime.